You've got everything going for you, so I'll go for you with everything I've got

I'm not afraid of all the reasons why we shouldn't try

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I can tell we are gonna be friends
Movies - That Rocks

Feel free to friend me - I love getting new friends but random people who just show up with no explanation make me a little paranoid xD

Just don't friend me if:
1) We have nothing in common
2) You are NEVER going to comment
3) You are only friending me to make your friend list bigger

So if you want to friend me for something other than those three reasons I'll be happy to add you to my circle of love, dysfunction, and fangirling xD

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LOL! WE ARE! Especially since I just saw Home Made Kazoku in your profile! I'm listening to Boy's Heart now. XD! *Adds you liek woah*

Thanks! I love your gidget icon! They're so rare. ;o; She doesn't get enough love!

OMG Home Made is one of the best bands ever XD They're so much fun to listen too =DD

Thanks! She really doesn't and shes one of my all time favorite characters too =DDD

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