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The Island Isn't Done Wtih Me
Lost - Truer Words Were Never Spoken
First off, welcome to all of the new friends from the friending meme over at starkidpotter!

Second, good timing for the first lost_land challenge, which is pimping the community, since most of the new people I added are LOST fans too :D


What the hell is this?
Well lost_land is a challenge community that was inspired by those that came before it. With LOST off the air, it’s a way to keep the love alive. There are three teams: Team Survivors, Team Others, and Team Dharma Days (the best team ever!). After you’re placed on a team you’ll compete in different LOST themed challenges for points. The challenges can range from graphic challenges to pure and simple luck.

Why should I join?
Because it's going to be a lot of fun! This is my first time doing one of these types of communities and I'm already enjoying it. You get to meet new people, learn how to do new things (although don't worry if you don't know how to do a challenge, you don't have to participate in every one), and you get to still enjoy the glory that is LOST even though it is, sadly, over.

Go here for more information and here to join :D

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Aren't you glad I pestered you to join? I hope you enjoy your lost_land experience.

I just wanted to show you something that I just made

I am - I'm going to pimp it out at nosiejunkie later this week and then I'll have 40 points for the team :D

Aw, this is really pretty :D

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