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Candy Time
Pokemon - Chocolate ♥

I'm trying out the livejournal app on my phone, so here's hoping it works.
So Chief had his leg removed on Monday since it was cancerous. He is doing really well - he's already walking on his own! He still has to be babysat right now, but once we get him used to the little dog boots we got him (they're for mountaineering and rescue dogs, they'll give Chief traction on our tile and wood floors) he'll be able to be let on his own.


In other news, does anyone have a 3DS? I want to add some people to my friends list :) Leave me a comment and I'll give you my friend code

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Aw, poor puppy! :( I am glad to hear he is doing better and is able to walk on it by himself! He looks like such a sweet and intelligent doggie.

Also, I have a 3DS, if you're interested. :P 1848-2119-9211

Thanks :) yea, he is pretty smart - sweet, though, is another story xD

Cool - Mine is 5284-1946-5061

hahaha My basset can be conniving in her own way. We had her, our golden, and my aunt's two dogs over at my aunt's house while we were all out except for my uncle, who stayed to make sure they didn't get in trouble. He fell asleep while we were out and we came back with treat bags littered all over the floor and no treats. Apparently, the basset opened the ottoman they had for the treats and all of them took what they wanted.
Cunning dogs give the most interesting stories. haha

And I added you! You reminded me I need to finish OoT! haha

Lol thats hilarious xD yea, Chief is always doing things like that - he used to love escaping the house when he was younger, but that finally let up for the most part last year - mostly. He even tried to make a break for it last week with his broken leg! XD

I need to finish it as well - I'm right at the end of the shadow temple by the boss keeps kicking my ass xD

Poor Chief! He's adorable though:).

I use the ipod app as well, but how do you post pictures using it?

Thanks :) I have an android phone and the lj app for it just has a camera button on top of the post page. It was actually easier than posting pictures with the actual site xD

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