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Cute without the E (Cut from the Team)
Random - Flowers in the Attic

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マルー クリスマス
Movies - So Cool

An Exception to the Rule
HP - Charlie
50scenes prompt table 1 for Charlie Weasley/Draco Malfoy
001. Sleep. 002. Love. 003. Pain. 004. Sand. 005. Glass.
006. Church. 007. Moonlight. 008. Happiness. 009. Tears. 010. Writer's Choice.
011. Cry. 012. Silence. 013. Sun. 014. Sing. 015. Twist.
016. Empty. 017. Blossom. 018. Harp. 019. Control. 020. Writer's Choice.
021. Psychotic. 022. Hope. 023. Alone. 024. Viridian. 025. Gasp.
026. Smirk. 027. Piece. 028. Fly. 029. Elope. 030. Writer's Choice.
031. Moment. 032. Eternal. 033. Wish. 034. Darkness. 035. Poem.
036. Sick. 037. Turbulence. 038. Malevolence. 039. Sugar. 040. Writer's Choice.
041. Embrace. 042. Dark Eyes. 043. Hands. 044. Youth. 045. Ignored.
046. Mistake. 047. Stars. 048. Pluto. 049. Fortune. 050. Writer's Choice.

Because there is not enough of this ridiculously sexy OTP being written ♥

You're getting a bit obsessed with Malfoy, mate
HP - My Brain
If you can believe it, this H/D fanmix actually took me longer than the last one xD

JunkieCollapse )

I don't know who this awesome piece of artwork is by so if anyone else does, please let me know so I can credit them ♥

Once again, much thanks to 80ssluvrgirl for helping me with the song selection ♥ this time around she really helped me with the order and gave me some kick ass song suggestions
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I want you to love me on the Sly
Movies - So Cool
Apparently hiatus means spend forever making a fanmixCollapse )

The beautiful artwork I used is by lillithium
Much thanks to 80ssluvrgirl for helping me with the song selection ♥ without her, this thing would have been like sixty songs long xD
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Oh it should come as no surprise I need your love
Movies - So Cool
50scenes prompt table 5 for Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

001. Twilight. 002. Burn. 003. Silence. 004. Secrets. 005. Blankets.
006. Linger. 007. Clouds. 008. Liar. 009. Remember. 010. Writer's Choice.
011. Hand. 012. Distance. 013. February. 014. Fill. 015. Hold.
016. Fire. 017. Tomorrow. 018. Closer. 019. Heed. 020. Writer's Choice.
021. Underneath. 022. Hide. 023. Flash. 024. Anger. 025. Shame.
026. Adoration. 027. Waves. 028. Apologize. 029. Waiting. 030. Writer's Choice.
031. Watch. 032. Regret. 033. Plain. 034. Shy. 035. Moonlight.
036. Melt. 037. Half. 038. Leave. 039. Neutral. 040. Writer's Choice.
041. Winter. 042. Flowers. 043. Gentle. 044. Speak. 045. Last.
046. Dew. 047. Night. 048. Footsteps. 049. End. 050. Writer's Choice.

Ideas for Writer's Choice: Temptation, Addiction, Greed, Faith, Delusional, Forgive, Lose, Want, Bury, Choke, Burn, Change, Regret, Secret, Fragile, Past, Enough, Note, Dream, Passion, Right, Wrong, Strong, Moment, Touch, God

But that was when I Ruled the World
Nana - Close Up
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Information Leak
Movies - So Cool
☆ The Old School Toonami friending meme ☆
♥ Because Toonami might be over but our friends and fandoms live on forever ♥

Pimp this thing like there is no freaking tomorrow you guys =D

Shojo Beat Friending Meme - Friends from the ♥
Nana - Graffiti
☆♥☆ Shojo Beat Friending Meme ☆♥☆

Pimp ♥


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